white boys be like “im gonna make you come so hard” and ur like, what to my senses

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reminiscenciias: I am so in love with your shirt. Please tell me you buy your clothes online and where from!! I'd love to have a shirt with that beautiful colors <3

aww I hope that it’s okay that I answer this publicly, a few anons asked me similar questions while I was gone! ♡

But I do buy my clothes online! All of them!!! That crop top is from Forever 21’s straight size section. Most of my pastel clothes are from Forever 21’s plus size section from like when they first started selling plus sizes, haha. I’m constantly checking their website in case they put something cute up because the cute clothes sell out at the speed of light. Lol

All of my dresses are from Eshakti and Mod Cloth. And I have one dress from Asos Curve but I don’t like very many of the clothes they have in their plus size section because they’re all dark and baggy and over priced. :( Their straight size section is to die for though and I want so many of their shoes and accessories!! I also like Pinup Girl Clothing but they’re expensive. And I thought a 2x would fit me so I bought a shit load of their clothes with my Christmas money and none of them fit me so I’m trying to lose enough weight so that I can fit into these expensive ass clothes, hahahaha.

feignin: On another note: srsly why would anyone be offended by your body?? You dress like a queen and, let's be real, you're probably prettier and wayyy sweeter than the people judging you.

omg I hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly but you said I dress like a queen and that made me really happy, hahaha. thank you so much!! you’re so sweet. ;~;♡

Let’s keep track of how many people get offended by my fat body today. Lol DON&#8217;T REBLOG THIS TO YOUR FUCKING PORN/FETISH BLOG.

Oh Deer.